July 12, 2013

Takko is looking for a trend reporter for the Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen is my favourite city. And there is a reason. Danes walk around in the city with canned beer, beautiful couples go for a stroll in narrow alleys, noisy familys on their bikes pass along in the wind and wherever you go in every pub or bar people enjoy tepid summer evenings. The smell of the nerby port. Coloured buildings. People clapping their hands joining in to the music. The city is alive-more than any other. No surprise that they say that Danes are the happiest people in the world. Happiness doesn't take much.

The Danes are all very similiar but every one someone special. Scandinavians are ahead of us.
If it comes to fashion and trends they are always up to date.

At the moment Takko holds a fashion contest. They are looking for a trend reporter for their online magazine XPRESSED. I'm one of the top thirty bloggers and therefore receifed a twenty Euro voucher. With this voucher I could pay some pieces for my outfit in Scandinavian Chic style. I ordered to blouses and picked this blue one for my Scandinavian Chic outfit. I really like the loud blue colour in contrast to my red lips. The pictures were taken yesterday during my stay at my friend's holiday house at the baltic sea. An everyday outfit Scandinavian style. Just the way I like it. How do you like it?
Here are some more pictures from the outskirts of Potsdam where I went to with my friend...

July 11, 2013

Lena Hoschek Spring/Summer 2014

Once again an incredibly good show. Every time Lena Hoschek is anxiously awaited and every time she is my favourite of the Fashion Week. All the trappings, the decoration, the music and the people-that's more than an average fashion show. Nothing to dislike which means she creates exactly the style I like. Her goodie bags are always something special too and you enjoy every tiny little piece. Thats why I give you an insight into this wonderful bag...

July 10, 2013

Hien Le/Rebekka Ruétz Spring/Summer 2014

Hien Le
This seasons Fashion Week Berlin was opened with Hien Le's show. His fashion is quite minimalist. Minimalism for me is sometimes hard to digest and bores me soon. But not with his collection. I couldn't make much of the dragonflies print. In my opinion there were too many of it. But I still liked all the other pieces, especially the dove-blue ones. All in all a succsessful opening.

Rebekka Ruétz
The 28 year old designer presented her creations for the 5th time. Once again Rebekka Ruétz remained true to herself. Light colours dominated the whole collection. And again and again a bright yellow was to be seen. Normally I have a problem with yellow combined with blond hair. But I didn't mind her combination. Great show.

July 9, 2013

Impressive shows and an empty tent

On July the 2nd I made my way to this seasons Fashion Week Berlin. Unfortunately also my birthday. However strong I like to spend time in the tent it isn't the right place for my birthday party. Anyway I got up at 6 o' clock in the morning to be one time for the first show (Hien Le). As you never know with public transport from Potsdam to Berlin I took a very early train and finally was over-punctually. As a result I saw the tent empty like never before. Later on I met some friends. Alltogether I only visited three shows and went straight back to Potsdam to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately I counln't take part all the other days of the Fashion Week because I was ill.

January 22, 2013

Pleasant accessory

Here you can see the already mentioned goodiebag of Lena Hoschek's show and Dimitri's too. Both goodiebags were filled with nice little things. My favourite is the flowered and riveted iPhone case. There is only one drawback I don't have an iPhone.

January 21, 2013

Lena Hoschek Autumn/Winter 2013/14

Lena Hoschek's show was the very first show, of only a few of this season, which I've seen. I always enjoy her shows. She does exactly what I like one the catwalk. It is always a journey back in the fourties and fifties. Her fashion emphasises the female curves. The theme of the autumn/winter 2013/14 was Russia with a breath of Punk. I enjoyed the mere music which matched the show perfectly. The floral scarves are still on my mind. I used to wear similiar onces years ago-I think I should dig them out again. The whole collection was overwhelmed with floral designs. Lena Hoschek really is an impressive woman. In my opinion no one else was better during this season. I can't help but showing you the goodiebag of Lena Hoschek's show. This bag was full of little surprises which I enjoyed really much.